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North Yorkshire Police Community Messaging (Ringmaster) enables them to issue messages related to crime, missing persons/property or simply advise of community meetings via email, text, voice or fax.
For example, the system may be used to circulate details of a vehicle they wish to trace or a description of a person seen in the vicinity of a crime, or simply to inform you of the types of crime that have occurred in your area so that you can take the relevant crime prevention measures and advise others to do the same.
Although details of a vehicle or person may be circulated by the police, it does not necessarily mean they have committed a crime or offence, as often people can be acting quite lawfully in some cases and may be potential witnesses.

You will be advised how to report any information or suspicious activity to the police as soon as possible using the non-urgent number 101 or 999 in an emergency.
Where the information provided relates to a specific incident, there will be an incident reference contained within the message for you to provide.

Your vigilance, you can help North Yorkshire Police make a significant difference in preventing and detecting crime.
To register to receive Ringmaster messages relating to your local area please download the combined NHW Scheme & Ringmaster Registration Form and submit your details
Visit www.northyorkshire.police.uk/ringmaster

You will be contacted by a member of your local Safer Neighbourhood Team who will be able to discuss any local concerns you may have and also provide some further information on the use of the Ringmaster system.
Following this contact your details will be authorised for entry into the system and you will begin to receive regular messages.

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